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What is HYPE?

HYPE DANCE STUDIO is an exclusive women’s health and wellness center located at Kwun Tong with floor specifications of A one stop fitness studio that aims to provide services from dancing to fitness and over-all wellness to all women may they be working, housewives, elderly, athletes or students.

All programs are designed specifically to cater to the general health and fitness needs keeping the fun and excitement of each programs by the studios highly skilled and trained dance fitness instructors to help women release stress from daily activities, achieve fitness goals and enjoy life.

HYPE DANCE STUDIO’s mission is to be a global leader in the health and fitness industry and help in the advancement of the community by improving the quality of their lifestyle for a better tomorrow.

HYPE DANCE STUDIO,為本港一所女性專屬的一站式專業舞蹈學校及健身學院,位處觀塘,以多元化舞蹈為基礎,教授學員全面的舞蹈、健身技巧,拓展全面的舞蹈藝術,包括:ZUMBA fitness、Technique dance classes 等舞種,讓學員掌握不同類形的舞蹈需要,從中享受多元化的舞蹈樂趣,釋放日常生活中的壓力,達至體態健美、心靈淨潔的境界﹗

HYPE DANCE STUDIO 成立於2015年4月,甫開辦即推出全港獨創的PUMP IT UP SERIES,為本港首個針對女性的流行舞蹈課程,成功吸引不少學生 報讀,成績斐然。

HYPE DANCE STUDIO 使命:成為全球健康與健身行業的領導者,通過提高生活方式與質量,幫助社會進步,邁向美好明天。

HYPE DANCE STUDIO’s unique and up to standard quality programs and services are geared towards the improvement of women’s over-all well-being:



HYPE Dance Studio Founder (創辦人)
& Director(董事)

Amy Chan & Mary Lee

HYPE Dance Studio was established in 2015, founded by Mary and Amy who were close friends for many years. Mary – who was a dance lover; and Amy – who was a complete stranger to dance, were able to share the love and passion for dance through friendship and together they created HYPE Dance Studio. Their mission is to bring a healthy, comfortable, fun yet professional environment to those ladies who desires to stay fit and beautiful. The two Managers – Andrew Dino & Iko Odulio – created and design an exclusive “Pump it up” series, in aim to improve cardiovascular system, strengthen muscles and burn calories through a variety of unique dance techniques and movements. We hope to spread this great creation to other parts of the world so that one day, anyone of different age and background can experience the benefits of our “Pump it up” series.

HYPE Dance Studio由兩位創辦人Mary和Amy於2015年創立。二人相交多年,Mary對跳舞的熱情感染了原本對跳舞一竅不通的Amy,促使她們攜手合作創立HYPE Dance Studio,希望能為愛健康、愛美麗的女士提供完善、舒適的跳舞環境。二人特別邀請經理Andrew Dino和Iko Odulio設計「Pump it up」皇牌課程,希望能藉助更深入的健身訓練加強肌肉,並將之推廣到世界各地,讓不同國籍的人都可體驗「Pump it up」的優點。

The professional team at HYPE Dance Studio is committed to provide a positive and stimulating dance program to all members. Our friendly dance instructors are trained to lead and guide you through intelligent movements – our special choreography can help you build confidence and realize your potential. We hope our dance members will experience the joy of our exclusive “Pump it up” series and help spread the word globally.

HYPE Dance Studio的專業團隊對舞蹈抱有無限的熱誠和決心,為大眾推廣優質舞蹈課程歇盡所能,配合親切體貼的服務,期望能誘發每位女士的獨有潛能,並將HYPE Dance Studio 獨創的「Pump it up」皇牌課程宣揚海外。


HYPE Dance Studio General Manager (總經理)

With a brilliant and complex mind, perfection has been etched to his name. His immense interest for management has helped him with finding facts and building ideas, backed up with wide perspective and years of performing experience.

卓越優秀且多元化的頭腦, 完美這個字已經慢慢跟他劃上等號。

他對管理這方面有著強大興趣, 有助他輕易找到事實和建立想法, 加上他廣闊的視野令他累積了多年的演出經驗。
As a dreamer, he envisions a unique utopia where investors and stuffs prosper together.

作為一個夢想家, 在他虛構的烏托邦裡, 投資者和物件都可一同繁榮。

HYPE Dance Studio Operations Development Manager


As a dance artist, choreographer and a creative director, he has an eye for detail. Aims perfection in his craft and devotes time, sweat and blood in every project thrown at him.

作為一個舞蹈家, 排舞導師及創作總監, 他對這方面有敏銳的觸覺
每一個交給他的項目, 都會用盡血汗, 費盡心機, 務求以最完美的一面示人。

He has clear logical mind with particular approach to problem solving and a drive to see things through completion. Eager to learn and enjoys overcoming challenges.

清晰的邏輯思維令他能以特殊的方法去解決問題, 更推動他排除萬難去完成事情
積極學習, 更享受於克服挑戰後的成功感。


In-house designer & Marketing assistant

Thel Shum

It takes skills, creativity and experience to effectively communicate an idea thru visual designs. Behind all the posters, promotion cards, brochures etc. is HYPE Dance Studio’s Graphic Designer Thel.

純熟的技巧, 豐富的創造力以及足夠的經驗, 能絕對有效地將訊息透過視覺設計傳達開去
在所有海報、咭片以及宣傳單張的背後 , HYPE Dance Studio的設計師 – Thel